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MXR has become a household name in the industry among guitar and bass players. Most pedals these days follow the basic look and feel of MXR Pedals. The Rockchester, New York based company was one of the first to offer an extensive lineup of stompboxes.

Phase 90 was the first MXR Pedal. After 45 years later, it is still one of the bestselling effects pedals in the world today. It was most iconically on the first two Van Halen albums with EVH’s sound becoming inextricably linked with this phaser. He would even have his own signature Phase 90 released years later!

Other famous 70s MXR Pedals include the Dyna Comp compressor, Distortion+, Blue Box octave fuzz, and the Micro Amp boost. All have been played by countless guitar players over the decades with Jack White even installing a Micro Amp in his guitar!

More modern MXR Pedals include the ever popular Carbon Copy Delay, one of the bestselling analog delay pedals ever! They also have a range of power supplies to give your pedals all the juice they need.

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  • Bucket-brigade technology 
  • EVH Swith overrides the controls with preset values for classic EVH flanging. 
  • EVH stripe graphics
  • 18V operation 
  • Based on a legendary chorus unit that Eddie used to add texture and dimension to some of his most classic recordings from the early 1980s
  • Combine this pedal with the 5150 Overdrive for a huge sound that’s thick and chewy
  • Volume, Tone, and Intensity controls
  • Input & Output pad switches
  • Mono & Stereo outputs available
  • Volume : Sets overall volume of effect
  • Tone : Shapes EQ of effect
  • Intensity : Sets amount of chorusing 
  • Input Level Switch : Pads input signal level for optimum signal-to-noise performance with various input signal levels
  • Output Level Switch : Pads output signal level for unity throughput gain with various input signal levels
  • MONO output : Provides wet/dry mix (standard operation) or 100% dry signal (stereo operation)
  • STEREO output : Provides 100% wet signal
  • Features extended delay time with tap tempo functionality, optional modulation, a switch to toggle between the warm sound of the original pedal and vibrant sound of the Bright version, and much more.
  • Mix, Regen, Delay, Speed, & Width controls 
  • Mod & Bright switch
  • Mod switch : Toggles modulation on/off (blue LED indicates on)
  • Bright switch : Accentuates delay signal's high end frequencies (red LED indicates on)
  • Mix : Controls blend of wet and dry signals
  • Regen : Sets number of repeats
  • Delay : Sets delay time
  • Speed : Adjustable rate control of the modulation
  • Width : Adjustable width control of the modulation
  • TAP-BEAT footswitch sets tempo of repeats (indicated by orange LED)
  • TAP DIV switch cycles through tap tempo subdivisions (indicated by LED screen)
  • EXP jack allows for external control of various functions
  • Please read through description for full info on ths pedal's multiple modes