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  • Music Theory For Young Violinists & Music Theory for Violinists are theory series aiming to teach the fundamentals of theory for violin

  • Introducing topics that are more related to the instrument in the first 3 books and the otherparts of syllabus in the 4th book.

  • Upon completion of the four level music theory series, violin learners will have gained a strong foundation before moving to Grade 1 Music Theory.


7 Songs:

  1. Musume
  2. El Grande
  3. Nahu
  4. When I Falling In Love
  5. Burning Rice
  6. Independence Day
  7. "Sweet Charity" Goes Jazz
  • Written for ages 5 and 6

  • Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills.

  • An outstanding CD for the young student to listen, sing, tap, and play along with at the piano.

  • Introduces directional pre-reading, elementary music theory and technique with engaging songs, games, and creative discovery at the keyboard.

  • Book B moves the student into staff-reading. Music notation is explored through stepwise directional reading, pattern recognition, and changing hand positions, all in the context of engaging songs, games and creative exploration at the piano. Classic themes share the stage with contemporary pop and jazz sounds for young ears to absorb and enjoy. The Book B audio presents a vibrant mix of sounds, from boogie to Beethoven & Mozart. It serves as a listening experience which educates and as an accompaniment for play-along.

  • A colorful, imaginative, and highly absorbing introduction to music theory for the younger student
  • Packed with exciting exercises and entertaining characters, this is the ideal introduction to theory for a young instrumentalist. 
  • Exercises in writing treble and bass clefs, note names, counting, time signatures, the piano keyboard, writing notes in treble clef, writing notes in bass clef, rests, accidentals, stem positions, time signatures, completing bars with missing notes, completing bars with missing rests, games and tests. 
  1. The lessons include: music theory, practical exercise, sight reading, composer biography and general knowledge.
  2. The repertoire of the books are mainly selected from original composition, new arrangements and well-known studies.
  3. Audio reference QR codes are provided to most of the studies and repertoire.
  4. Illustrated designation and complete text explanation, suitable for general courses or self-taught purpose.
  5. Student progression records and certificate are provided.
  • Transcriptions for guitar of 10 pieces from the album Toques Flamencos.
  • Standard notation and tablature.
  • Complete with guidelines on technique and notation, including CD.
  • The Piano Lesson Made Easy series features popular tunes.
  • Captivating full-colour illustrations.
  • Stimulate musical interest and imagination in beginner piano players.
  • Complete lyrics, music and chords - plus a CD of specially recorded backing tracks.
  •  Play six of their great classics with these specially recorded CD backing tracks.
  • Plus matching music book featuring both guitar tab and standard notation of each song with chord symbols.
  • Suitable for Self learning
  • Quality instruction, terrific songs, and professional-quality audio with 61 full-demo tracks
  • Includes over 60 great songs and covers: songs, chords and melodies; picking and strumming; playing tips and techniques; music notation; and more.
  • The audio is accessed online and features playback tools including the ability to change the tempo and loop challenging parts.
  • Playing classical guitar duets has never been so convenient.  
  • The accompanying CD is mixed with the first guitar panned right and the other panned left enabling you to play along with either part. 
  • The music begins at an easy level and gradually becomes more challenging as you progress through the book. 
  • Contains a variety of solos originally written for the Renaissance lute and vihuela.
  •  All of these beautiful transcriptions are based on the original tablature.
  •  Each piece is written in both standard classical guitar notation and modern TAB.
  • Learning to play a song bit by bit using these building blocks or riffs, then putting them together in the correct order.
  • Helps you to learn each section by heart.
  • Shows you how to link them together with simple Riff Route Maps from a special pull-out section.
  • The Rockschool packs include full notation and TAB plus backing tracks on a CD featuring top musicians.
  • Students are encouraged to be creative with the Rockschool tunes.
  • Feel free to improvise and adapt them to suit your playing style and musical approach.
  • Rockschool is about playing the styles of music you love .
  • Rockschool Drums Debut is tailored to those of you who are ready to polish and refine all aspects of your playing at an advanced level of technique and musical expression.
  • The Drums Debut book has 6 pieces of original music to choose from covering Metal, Jazz Fusion & Samba Funk. 
  • Rockschool is about playing the styles of music you enjoy. Our specially written tunes develop the key skills, styles and techniques you need to help you achieve your musical goals and aspirations.
  • This Rockschool Guitar series is valid from September 2006 and includes several new features, such as spoken count-ins on the CD, which have been included after detailed consultations with users all around the country.
  • The Rockschool packs have standard notation and TAB plus great sounding CDs featuring top musicians. We also encourage everyone to be creative with our Rockschool tunes. So feel free to improvise and adapt them to suit your playing style and musical approach.
  • After the piano and harpsichord, the guitar is the instrument most associated with Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757).
  • Many of his keyboard works were influenced by the guitar music of Spain, his adopted country. This collection of arrangements for solo guitar is an ideal introduction to Scarlatti's music. The ten varied pieces were carefully chosen for their musical character and technical suitability.
  • Placed in order of difficulty, they reflect the range of skills required for Baroque repertoire, at intermediate and advanced levels. Includes stylish and idiomatic adaptations, preserving the original ornamentation with advice on ornaments, including full realisations.
  • Core repertoire for Grades 6-8, with pieces on the ABRSM Guitar syllabus. Carefully considered fingering, both clear and consistent.