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  • Mid-point clutch adjusts height from 24”-45”
  • High impact plastic leg housing
  • Tripod folding base for convenient storage and travel
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Mid-point clutch adjusts height from 24”-45”

  • High impact plastic leg housing

  • Tripod folding base for convenient storage and travel

  • Non-slip rubber feet

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Sapele Back and Side
  • Mahogany Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard
  • CoolTube CTP-3 Preamp
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Guitar Collection is the Sole Distributor for Takamine Guitars in Malaysia
  • Authenticity guaranteed
  • Based on John Petrucci's rack wah settings.
  • Featuring VOLUME, Q and six EQ controls 
  • Ultimate tone shaping
  • DC 9V operation
  • Genuine leather
  • Does not harm finish
  • No modifications necessary
  • Does not affect tuning
  • Hang your guitar anywhere
  • Exceptionally strong leg housing for dependable performance

  • Nonslip rubber feet prevent skids and increase stability to keep mics safe

  • Burly clutch reliably adjusts height 37"–64" for use in a wide range of applications

  • Removable 31" boom adjusts in angle for precise mic placement

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for dependable performance

  • Holds up to two mics in front of an amp—no need for a separate mic stand

  • Padded support bar slides under an amp cabinet or amp head for efficient set up

  • Height adjusts to adapt to a variety of amp sizes

  • Bucket-brigade technology 
  • EVH Swith overrides the controls with preset values for classic EVH flanging. 
  • EVH stripe graphics
  • 18V operation 
  • Martin Superior Performance Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
  • Phosphor Bronze (92/8) 
  • High-tensile strength core wire and finished with the highest-quality wrap wire
  • Deliver consistent true tone that you can count on
  • Gauge: 45-65-85-105 (Medium)
  • Vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape echo warmth and modulation
  • Age control varies delay tone from pristine to dark and dirty
  • 65ms to 750ms of delay time
  • Constant Headroom Technology : Provides a full 20 volts of headroom and a choice of true relay or trails bypass 
  • Can be set for 100% wet mode along with stereo input and output modes
  • Volume : Sets effect signal level (dry signal is always set to unity) and adjusts Age mode (indicated by AGE LED)
  • Sustain : Sets number of repeats
  • Delay : Sets delay time
  • TAP input allows for the MXR Tap Tempo Switch (not included) to set delay tempo
  • Stereo / Mono internal switch : toggles stereo / mono input functionality
  • Please read through description for full info on ths pedal's multiple modes
  • This pedal cannot be powered by a battery
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces feedback and off-axis noise for a clear signal

  • Frequency response provides vocal clarity

  • Heavy-duty housing with mesh grill protects internal components for reliable performance

  • Built-in pop filter suppresses vocal plosives and breath noise to improve sound quality

  • Contoured for smooth release
  • Made from Lexan for a powerful gripping surface
  • Provides an extremely positive attack for super-fast licks
  • Based on a legendary chorus unit that Eddie used to add texture and dimension to some of his most classic recordings from the early 1980s
  • Combine this pedal with the 5150 Overdrive for a huge sound that’s thick and chewy
  • Volume, Tone, and Intensity controls
  • Input & Output pad switches
  • Mono & Stereo outputs available
  • Volume : Sets overall volume of effect
  • Tone : Shapes EQ of effect
  • Intensity : Sets amount of chorusing 
  • Input Level Switch : Pads input signal level for optimum signal-to-noise performance with various input signal levels
  • Output Level Switch : Pads output signal level for unity throughput gain with various input signal levels
  • MONO output : Provides wet/dry mix (standard operation) or 100% dry signal (stereo operation)
  • STEREO output : Provides 100% wet signal
  • Adds support for an additional keyboard to a keyboard stand

  • Can be added to a two-tier stand to create a three-tier stand

  • Includes end caps to seal the stand tubing for a clean look when the second tier is removed

  • Tilt angle adjusts and locks in place for comfortable, reliable keyboard positioning

  • TOP: Solid Spruce
  • BACK: Solid Ovangkol
  • SIDES: Ovangkol
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • NECK: Mahogany
  • NUT WIDTH: 42.5mm
  • NECK JOIN: 14th Fret
  • FINISH: Gloss Natural
  • Features extended delay time with tap tempo functionality, optional modulation, a switch to toggle between the warm sound of the original pedal and vibrant sound of the Bright version, and much more.
  • Mix, Regen, Delay, Speed, & Width controls 
  • Mod & Bright switch
  • Mod switch : Toggles modulation on/off (blue LED indicates on)
  • Bright switch : Accentuates delay signal's high end frequencies (red LED indicates on)
  • Mix : Controls blend of wet and dry signals
  • Regen : Sets number of repeats
  • Delay : Sets delay time
  • Speed : Adjustable rate control of the modulation
  • Width : Adjustable width control of the modulation
  • TAP-BEAT footswitch sets tempo of repeats (indicated by orange LED)
  • TAP DIV switch cycles through tap tempo subdivisions (indicated by LED screen)
  • EXP jack allows for external control of various functions
  • Please read through description for full info on ths pedal's multiple modes