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  • Ideal for replacing a broken string
  • Create your own custom set of strings with singles
  • Stock up on a few spare strings in case of an emergency breakage at a gig or in the studio
  • 016 is usually used as a B-String (2nd) in a standard set of light acoustic guitar strings
  • For Steel-String Guitar
  • Open gear tuning machine heads
  • 15:1 tuning ratio
  • Includes bushings and screws
  • Complete set of open gear ukulele tuning machine heads
  • Suitable for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, & Baritone ukulele
  • Comes with bushings & screws
  • Chrome finish with gold gears
  • Black bound Acacia Koa veneer top on contoured Ash body
  • 250-350mm Compound radius fingerboard
  • Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.)
  • J-Standard fret edge treatment
  • GOTOH vintage style Magnum Lock tuners
  • Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz Humbucking pickups with 3-way switch and push-pull coil tap on tone pot
  • Original gig bag
  • The patented TRU•MIC carries the majority of the guitars’ frequency range while the Element Pickup carries the lowest frequencies
  • Mix control blends between the TRU•MIC augmented with low frequency support from the Element Pickup and full-range Element Pickup
  • The mic is highly feedback-resistant
  • Noise cancelling microphone technology eliminates any annoying honky or boxy qualities from the inside of the guitar
  • Mic installs easily on the bridge plate with peel and stick adhesive
  • Mic and pickup levels preset for optimum performance
  • Soundhole preamp includes volume, mix, phase inversion, battery check, and mic trim controls
  • All discrete pre-contoured soundhole preamp with preset crossover
  • Element Pickup fits most common string spacings and saddle width
  • Comes with battery bag for secure and unobtrusive battery retention
  • The ground breaking 2016 Acoustic Guitar syllabus from Rockschool further continues their long-standing commitment to world leading, industry relevant music education.
  • Designed to provide both student and instructor with a truly diverse range of contemporary repertoire.
  • A vast array of crucial supporting tests and both a technical and stylistic understanding that is second to none. 
  • This value-priced pack contains everything a beginning electric or acoustic guitarist needs to get started!
  • It includes the Second Edition of the Level 1 book with online audio from the world-famous Hal Leonard Guitar Method, as well as the method's correlating DVD.
  • The FastTrack method series is a fresh, user-friendly approach to learning with a method book which blends traditional lessons and songs with modern elements of humor, wit, and pop culture.
  • Each book includes play-along tracks accessed online for download or streaming plus songs that are the same in all the FastTrack books so that friends can form a band and jam together.
  • A step-by-step tutorial on the study of drumset grooves. The four basic rhythms and beats discussed are: Malay, Chinese, Indian and Sikh rhythms.

  • Contains information on how to use the systems, notation for the various patterns and more. The companion CD has all rhythms recorded to help the learning drummer.

  • The beats are organized into groups of 10 variations per rhythm study for a total of 40 grooves arranged in sequence for the beginner/intermediate drum student.

  • Advice on your instrument and the equipment you will need
  • Instructions for effective technique and comfortable playing
  • Explanatory pages on reading and understanding music
  • Tests to check your own progress and comprehension
  • The object of this book is to not cover too much ground, but to concentrate on the acqusition of a thorough, musical background and solid technical foundation when studying the classical guitar.
  • The initial skills have been broken down into component parts and presented in logical manner which at the same time allows the teacher wide lattitude of expression.
  • The Michael Aaron Piano Course Lesson books have been completely re-engraved, expanded (adding more definitions of musical terms and more musical pieces), updated (with modernized artwork), and re-edited (with less emphasis on fingerings and more on note-reading).
  • Juan Martin explains and demonstrates the essential techniques and rhythmic forms of Flamenco guitar playing in six progressive lessons, designed for all players from beginning to advanced.
  • The lessons show you in detail many varieties of the basic rhythms which form the foundation of flamenco guitar styles.
  • They also give a wealth of traditional and modern flamenco solos, accurately transcribed into music notation and easy-to-follow cifra tabulature, all presented in a video (2 DVD s) series of six lessons.
  • In this way you learn not only how to play but also what to play, as the lessons build into a substantial repertoire of flamenco music.
  • Teach Cello with the popular Suzuki Cello School. The Suzuki Method® of Talent Education is based on Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment.
  • According to Shinichi Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know comes from developing a child's potential so he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings.
  • Students are taught using the "mother-tongue" approach. Each series of books for a particular instrument in the Suzuki Method is considered a Suzuki music school, such as the Suzuki Cello School.
  • Suzuki lessons are generally given in a private studio setting with additional group lessons. The student listens to the recordings and works with their Suzuki cello teacher to develop their potential as a musician and as a person.This Suzuki Book is integral for Suzuki cello lessons.
  • This book provides all songs that are required for Initial Drums for Trinity Rock and Pop
  • Phosphor Bronze Wrap Wire : Delivers Exceptional Brightness & Resonance 
  • Hexagonal Core Wire : For Precision & Attack
  • All six strings are coated : Increased Lifespan, Improved Clarity, Exceptional Brightness & Resonance