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  • Why A Little Pianist?

  • Build music foundation
  • Learn in interesting ways
  • Main Features;

  • Music Creativity
  • Music Ability
  • Expression in Music
  • Technique
  • Confidence
  • Elegant imagination
  • Prepare for further examination
  • Basic Knowledge of music
  • This book has the same logical, gentle pace, and keen attention to detail, but with a host of innovations: the inclusion of an audio CD, with actual performances and backing tracks.
  • It will make practice even more fun and exciting, and the expanatory diagrams and photographs will help the student to achieve the perfect technique and tone.
  • The book contains: Advice on equipment, easy to follow lessons on clear, uncluttered pages, and more.
  • C Paul Herfurths original books have been completely rewritten with new music and the latest in instrumental technique for a new generation of musicians. 
  • The inclusion of an audio CD with actual performances and backing tracks will make practice even more fun and exciting, and the explanatory diagrams and photographs will help the student to achieve the perfect technique and tone. 
  • The book contains advice on equipment Instructions for an effective technique.
  • Each book contains: advice on audio equipment
  • Instructions for effective technique and comfortable posture
  • Explanatory section on reading music
  • Easy-to-follow lessons on clear, uncluttered pages
  • An audio CD with a virtuoso performance, backing tracks and audio examples
  • Great music including duets and rounds
  • Tests to check progress and comprehension
  • Useful pull-out chart giving all fingerings
  • DVD, authored for Zone 0, to help you get started on your instrument.
  • The object of this book is to not cover too much ground, but to concentrate on the acqusition of a thorough, musical background and solid technical foundation when studying the classical guitar.
  • The initial skills have been broken down into component parts and presented in logical manner which at the same time allows the teacher wide lattitude of expression.
  • A Tune A Day books allow students to progress at a pace best suited to his abilities and enables him to reach an advanced stage of performance in the optimum time.
  • recital repertoire for Grades 1-5 and invaluable source of further study
  • contrasting styles, from Machaut to Bernstein and from Purcell to Granados
  • arrangements that cover the note ranges and keys of the early grades
  • includes duos for pupil and teacher
  • All scales and arpeggios for the revised syllabus from 2009
  • Suggested fingering provided
  • Helpful introduction including advice on exam preparation
  • Guitar Star offers beginner guitarists a refreshing and inspirational choice of pieces to help build confidence and musical skills.
  • These original compositions and arrangements by Gary Ryan are imaginatively tailored to develop techniques progressively through an exciting and varied range of musical styles.

• Essential practice material for the new format ABRSM Grade 1 Theory exams
• Model answers also available

  • Theory Drills for Young Children is a series of children's theory workbooks, each with exercises organized to focus on single concepts.
  • Used alongside Poco's Music Theory for Young Children or any elementary course, the workbooks provide fun interactive activities that offer a lot of practice to reinforce concepts.
  • Fundamentals of music theory are taught through tracing, colouring, writing, and pasting activities.
  • They are designed so that children can work through the units systematically or in any chosen order.
  • Time Pieces for Guitar is a two-volume anthology of well-crafted and idiomatic arrangements of music from the thirteenth century to the present day.
  • The pieces are presented chronologically within each volume and include the year in which they were written, so that you can map your journey through time!
  • An approachable progression from beginner level to Grade 2
  • Playalong CDs with each Student’s book, which contain specially created instrumental arrangements to convey style and mood
  • Original compositions and arrangements by Edward Huws Jones
  • This book begins with an extensive review of the chords and keys previously studied.
  • It using fresh and interesting material that will provide enjoyment as well as reinforcement.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the systematic presentation of chords in all positions in both hands. 
  • This Alfred's Basic Graded Piano Course was written in response to many requests from teachers for an Alfred course that will enable students to pass the graded exams that are so much a part of the learning experience throughout the world.

  • The Lesson Book introduces sight-reading and technique as well as preparation for the exam pieces. The correlated Theory Book prepares students for the theory exam at the same time.

  • By including some exam pieces from previous practical syllabuses and also a mock theory paper from the theory exam in the correlated theory books, you, as a teacher, can judge perfectly the appropriate time to enter your pupil for the graded exam.

  • This will make passing a formality but, more importantly, give your pupil the confidence to achieve the merits and distinctions that inspire and reward their hard work.