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  • Keeps wrapped cables neat by preventing unravelling and tangling
  • Hook-and-loop fastens securely yet releases easily for efficient cable storage and access
  • Ties feature a slit that enables them to remain attached to cables when not in use
  • Nylon material
  • 7.75" / 20 cm strips
  • 5 pcs / pack
  • Offsets the weight of mics or booms to increase mic stand balance
  • Nylon-tipped set screw grips the mic boom securely without damaging the finish
  • Also boosts the stability of mic stands when mounted to the main shaft or tripod legs
  • Add to shaft for added balance and stability
  • Fits shafts 14mm to 22mm
  • Solid steel construction
  • 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
  • 1 pcs
  • Dampen resonance, ringing, and sustain to achieve desired drum tones
  • Reusable pads retain their self-adhering ability for many uses
  • Easy to apply, remove, and reposition
  • Washable with soap and water for long-lasting service
  • Non-toxic formula for safe handling
  • Includes a convenient storage canister
  • Includes 6 pcs 3mm thickness gels
  • Unrolls quickly and remains flat with no curling for a sleek, trip-free workspace
  • Durable, nonslip material reliably keeps drums from sliding or shifting
  • Prevents the bass drum from creeping across the floor due to vibration
  • Unrolls quickly and remains flat with no curling for a smooth, trip free workspace
  • Textured, flexible material creates friction that holds drums in place
  • Prevents the bass drum from drifting during playing
  • 7' x 5' footprint accommodates a large drum kit or percussion setup
  • Includes a carry bag with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation
  • Clamp-style capo fits a wide range of ukuleles and mandolins

  • Spring-loaded clamp for quick attachment, removal, and position adjustments

  • Zinc-alloy construction delivers a strong grip while its light weight maintains instrument balance

  • Silicone padding protects the finish and applies even pressure to prevent string buzz

  • Sturdy hardshell case delivers secure, stable protection for an electric guitar

  • Molded interior provides proper support for the body and neck

  • Rigid wood case and weather-resistant vinyl protects a guitar from damage and moisture

  • Plush interior lining provides a soft cushion that safeguards the guitar's finish

  • Ultra-compact, light-weight structure provides outstanding portability

  • Padding on the contact points protects a guitar's finish from scratches and dents

  • Nonslip rubber feet prevent unwanted movement of the base

  • Yoke depth adjusts to accommodate various guitar body sizes

  • Yoke automatically rotates to adjust to various headstock shapes

  • Padding on the yoke and bumpers protects the guitar from scratches

  • Yoke folds down for ease of storage and transportation

  • Height adjusts to fit a wide range of guitar styles and sizes

  • Flip-It® yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitars from being bumped off the stand

  • Combines balance, sturdiness, and a yoke latch to keep guitars exceptionally safe

  • Yoke latch flips down and springs up for easy placement and removal of a guitar

  • Nonslip rubber feet boost stability and stop skids to keep instruments safely in place

  • Our strongest A-frame base provides exceptional sturdiness for balanced guitar support

  • Versatile stepped yoke fits any type of guitar including acoustic, electric, and bass

  • Sturdy yoke also holds desktop mixers and combo amps

  • Padding on the contact points protects gear from scratches

  • Yoke folds down for ease of storage and transportation

  • ProGrip yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand

  • Heavy-duty tripod base provides a stable foundation and prevents tipping for safe guitar support

  • Reinforced leg housing boosts durability for reliable performance

  • Professional-strength gaffer tape holds equipment firmly in place and leaves behind no residue.
  • Secures cables and other items to floors, stands, or rigging for a safe, organized setup on stage or in the studio.
  • Black, non-reflective top surface maintains the professional appearance of any setting.
  • 60 yards of tape provides plenty of length for long-lasting service.
  • Sold in 1 roll
  • Thick cushion delivers long-lasting playing comfort

  • Vinyl cover's hidden vents prevent cushion sagging and promote airflow to keep it cool

  • Solid-wood base construction for stable and reliable support

  • Elegant design complements the appearance of a piano or keyboard

  • Thick cushion delivers long-lasting playing comfort

  • Flip-top seat provides a convenient storage space for sheet music and accessories

  • Seat lid features hinges that automatically hold it open to prevent slamming

  • Solid wood base construction for stable and reliable support

  • Includes 14" hi-hats (pair), 16" crash, 18" crash, and 20" ride.
  • Compared to standard cymbals, volume is reduced by about 70% for unobtrusive practice and hearing protection.
  • Maintains the timbre of standard cymbals for comfortable live use in smaller venues.
  • Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for consistent tone and durability.
  • Great for beginners to learn on as well as for advanced players looking to control dynamics.